I'm The One Who is in Charge

For the whole bloody life, i couldn't be more agreed, that I fall in love with you and most of the time I stumble, and fall into pieces, you are really my life, for me. Why can't you just believe that I really hate to be this grumpy-alone-and-depressed
person. So, will you please tell me where the exit is? Well I must have been forgot to say, you are also my eyes. You are my berry in my eyes, and can't you just believe it?
I'm like over a thousand times convince you to believe me, I'm real, oh maybe I'm not normal-being.
People made mistakes, they did really.

You know how it breaks my heart to see you sad, and not to see your smile. You know in 52 days more, I'm going to lose you, lose the time. We share, we kiss, we hurt, we miss, those times. I'm going to miss you so much, I predict that, I couldn't even handle it. What.. you are my blessing in disguise, how can I tell you more than this much i love you. I love you.

Could we make it a happy ending? Or haven't we start something leads to one important thing?
for 2,6 years we've been through it. oh how i really missed those times. I really can't help it, I always drop my tears every single time I remember it, there's a lot of things reminds me of you. It's like so much beautiful things, too much, way too much. Can we just go back in time? Because I wanna google you even deeper. Will you ever open the gates, so I can see through you? Is there any possible way to find you? I'll kidnap you forever in me. Should I wipe my tears so I can see you even clearer? Can I just....hug you for a while?

I wouldn't care, if somehow, I drop 1litre of tears to you, you are more precious comparing to that. and could you just blow my mistakes away, so we can get throuh hard times? Could you just go back to the way we are? Can we just be happy of what we got?

Oh how I really being over drrramatic, I'm not that kind of person.
But then I realized, I'm the drama queen, and I played my part.

But just for now, can I just hold you, for the last time?


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