For The Greatest Guy I Met Today :)

God, please forgive me for what I have sinned.

God, please don't take those chance away from me.

God, please.. Erase those cruel memories I ever had, please just let it blown away.

God, thanks for giving me my life back.

God, thanks for giving him back to me.

God, thanks for creating a greatest guy, who has the biggest heart ever and giving me much chances to be who I really am, and those sacrifices from him, I couldn't ask for more. And please God, let us take a good care for all the things we had, and please God, don't take it away. I was naïve, I wasn't sure what I was doing, but God, you give me my life back, and that..is I don't want to waste. God please forgive me for what I've sinned.

Oh God, what a waste.. What a 3 days waste of time, waste of feeling..

Please forgive me, please..
And thanks for the thousand chances you gave to me, you are really my life.


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