conclude there's nothing behind words

I don't know myself very well. Most of the times, i fall into an old same hole for thousand times.
I am blind, and deaf, but I can speak much very well, and that is the point of my weak-ness. Too much talking instead of making a movement. But that's me.

I am making much efforts to change myself into a better condition. But none are succeed. But that is a life that must go on, and i have to take that as an final execution for any of my mistakes. It sucks though, but if you look over and see it, mistakes are fun. No need much effort also to conclude that a life must be the way it is. We absolutely can't change the past though we can make a better way the future. But God has plans. We will never know. And to do so, praying is the best weapon to say, but not everyone in this whole bloody world do it. I don't pray much. But I believe that GOD does exist. And in my case. I need GOD, to help me for sure. But it has its own ways, and what making me effortless is time. Time is doing very well and very great. Time healing, time also destroying. But that's the way it works right? and I am now making much efforts to get out from this sickened life crisis. Maybe I need time (oh more time), but I won't let the time doing it over-work, (oh in my heart says, God must be proud of me) oh yessss, really? NO. I don't think so.

Squary leggings : No Tag, Shoes : Charles and Keith, Tosca Top : 21, Necklace : alva's,
Watch : Benneton

I won't let myself being gloomy or-so-ever. Because a big chance to get out from this crisis is on its way, and i am going to find it, do it, accept it, and also learn from what have happened.
I am closely to mature, I am on my way to find myself. I am going to be me. And I'm going to know myself very well.


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