the harlem and chocolateeeee

this pants is my mom's work daily wear, but i found it cool, so i'm going to wear it the whole weeeeek :) and the shoes... i've made it, and it's really browny like chocolate awww, really love the shoes..the polo shirt is ordinary, but i love the color, so i wore em to watch movies with my besties.
(t-shirt : Polo, Pants : The Executive, shoes : made by me, Belt : unbranded, Hairdo : a la Qibil Changcuters :p)

jadi kepengen makan kerupuk cokelatnya Four Seasons Hotel.
in english : i feel lika I wanna eat Chocolate Kerupuk a ala Four Seasons Hotel :)
auf deutsch : tik tok tik tok aaaaaaahhh i'm gonna leve this poooost!!
(fyi : i take egerman literature in Padjadjaran University Bandung, but then I found it hard to communicate with German language, its sucks me)

there's 2 wish lists for this year..... I hope both of them will become a reality, so I can post em on my blog, I really need you prayer guys... thanks!! ciao :)


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